Wednesday, September 15, 2010

bottle of ketchup

does anyone else have a specific picture in their mind of people they love? that one image playing on repeat when you think about that person?

i have that.

it was a week after the first meeting, and one week before the first hand hold. definitely knee deep in the crushing stage. there was a minor set back when another boy put his arm around me and tried to move in... however, that was short lived as we only had eyes for each other.

he was standing on the other side of a sliding glass door. i remember every detail, which is rare since i'm often the first to forget. from toes to hair i can still see him. 16. shy. funny. awkward. cute.

chaco sandals.
gray sweat pants with a black tie string.
a white shirt he'd made himself with a picture
of a heinz ketchup bottle that read
"I am a bottle of ketchup that loves to be sqeezed."
{squeezed was spelled wrong, but not many people noticed.}
a puka shell necklace.
his 2 front teeth were slightly tilting towards each other
because it was before he got veneers.
his hair was messy but sort of spiked in the front.

and this is exactly how i remember him, no matter how much older we get. i don't even think i have a picture of him in that shirt, but i remember it more than any other thing.

if i'm honest with myself, i think that was the moment i knew. well, at least thought maybe. i never admitted it to myself, heaven forbid anyone else. i didn't want to be that girl. you know the one that, like, totally thought she and this boy would, like, stay together forever.

but i still believe deep down in the heart of that teenage girl, i knew.

i wanted to be the girl that hugged {read: sqeezed} that bottle of ketchup :)


  1. Aaaw!

    I think I "met" Stuart online because I'd have judged him on his clothes. He looked like his mum still dressed him (and she did) in a time warp.

    When I think of him I still see him as he was at the airport when we first met in person. Bless him. And I still loved the nerd. :)

  2. Aw, that's cute. I love that you're writing down your story about him. I've kind of done that too, with John. We'll see if I ever dear post it online.

    By the way, I remember back in the day going on a double date with you two. I don't remember who I went with, but I do remember sitting in the car, in my driveway, reading the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet.

    Wow, I have some funny memories with you.

  3. cute.

    and also, don't think i don't know about what happened every time enrique's "hero" came on when you guys were driving.

    yes, matt, i remember that.