Monday, August 23, 2010

red pine

We ventured into nature last weekend with Rac and Jason. Backpacked up to Red Pine Lake, pitched our tents, fished, ate delicious dinners over a blissfully warm campfire, and then didn't sleep that well because the ground was so hard :) And Jason gutted a fish right in front of me, and I've never seen it done before.... um... ripping the guts out of and the head off of a fish? No thank you. However, Matt thought it was a very man thing to do. And it tasted pretty good over the fire that night.

A life without regular periods in nature is a half-life as far as I'm concerned. {robin sharma} It always feels like such a treat to un-plug and just be. Especially when there are deep conversations to be had and no schedules to follow.

Oh, and good laughs when we finally make it to the car right as the rain storm is starting, and then end up getting drenched anyway because somebody {ah hem... jason} lost the car keys for 10 minutes. That's nature ya'll.


  1. That looks totally awesome. I'm jealous. No really. I am. Camping hasn't worked itself into my prego/baby plans...and I miss it terribly. Looks like you had a blast!

  2. that looks really nice.

    excited much? i think yes.