Thursday, August 12, 2010

fisheye for phone? yes please.

combining my love for the iphone and my love for fisheye lenses...
awesome. pure awesomeness.
if it were a president it would be awesomeham lincoln.


this is going on my birthday wish list.
via photojojo, a very quirky photography site.
just check out the descriptions of products for a laugh.
Snobby McSnobberson of yore? hilarious.
and they have a funny newsletter.
i like those days when it shows up in my email.
and i'll like the day even more when this little
toy shows up in my mailbox.
because it will.
it's the way of the blog.
every time i put something on the blog it just
magically comes true.
i'm sure it has nothing to do with my
husband reading.
i just sincerely believe in magic.
{and birthday lists}


  1. I love it! It's like a monocle for Mr iPhone!

    I seen those on Urban Outfitters a while ago but the reviews weren't so good for it. This one looks my posher though.

  2. i love all of these wonderful things you've listed.

    awesomeham lincoln?