Thursday, August 26, 2010

the 'baron

the first convertible i ever rode in belonged to a handsome red-head. a forest green chevy lebaron. gold rims, tan leather seats, and always smelling of french fries.

i was 2 weeks away from turning 16, and felt positively giddy to be driving top down with an older boy. now, i was a very sweet & slightly naïve 15 year old. i had barely hugged a boy, let alone kissed one. i was steadily on my way to a totally legit sweet 16. no kissing, no dating, no hand holding.

however, i did have a vast knowledge of one particular thing.

the science of flirting.

batting the eyelashes. eye contact. a friendly graze of the arm. laughing at jokes. whispers. spreading the attention. secret giggles with the girls. body language. proximity. confidence. listening. pursing of the lips.

i'm sure many a woman out there knows what i'm talking about.

i can't really explain how one comes to a knowledge of flirting, but i do know my friends had a lot to do with my training. you see, i had masters in my back pocket. my sister was the shy one that always had the boys' attention with her dimples. and my ashleey's? flirting wizards. it was like pure magic watching them work. i also had rachels {one imparticular} that were so natural, you'd think they weren't trying at all.

and when we all got together? mayhem. dem boyz go crazy! so even without a first hand knowledge of kissing or cuddling or dating, i could hang with the best of 'em.

enter the night that i first rode in a convertible. 7 flirting pros in 1 red civic, meeting up with 9-12 new boys from a rival school.

what did i call that? oh yes, mayhem.

he called me mickey and sang 'hey mickey you so fine' when on the phone giving me directions. we met at his house, and there were boys galore for our new-to-highschool-and-dating girly selves. we laughed. we sang. we shook hands. we hugged. we switched houses. we told stories. we traded cars... ending up with 3 girls in back & 1 girl in the passenger's seat of the (now infamous) green lebaron. can you guess who sat in the passenger's seat? you'd be right if you guessed me.

and it was the most successful night for a highschool boy & girl meet up in my entire life history.

we joked that this was the best car in the world to make-out in, because you could always see the stars. he couldn't believe such a girl would joke about kissing {especially after finding out she'd never done it before!} right there in his car. duck tails and gummy bear songs were sung. nice to meet yous were given. curfews approached, and one way or another everyone happily found their way home.

and all parties were left wanting.

for more.

{post script: i've never properly documented our story. so i'll be doing posts like this for the next while. just because. oh, and it's been 9 years, and heaven forbid we forget the details.}


  1. Yes! I love this. You little minx you.

  2. Love this story! Just stumbled upon your blog and I'm pretty sure I had art classes with your husband in high school. Small world. :)