Tuesday, August 10, 2010


we tried fresh anchovies while on the beach.

surprisingly, they weren't half bad.

unsurprisingly, they weren't half good.

thankfully, dinner was delicious.
and the 2 types of ice cream after were also great.

and the fanta. boy i love fanta.
and the sunset on the beach.
and the colorful chairs.
and the empty, rain puddled streets.


  1. i'm sorry.. but YUCKY :( haha
    oh- but your headband looks SO good on you.

  2. You just gave me the boak. That's scottish for "you just made me almost throw up".

    I remember when I was younger sardines, the fish became a fad in the Stronach household - and also sardines the game. I'll only get involved with one of those sardines now... the one that doesn't give me the boak.

    Everything else looks really tasty and I love the salt and pepper caddy with the vinegar and oil (?) too. That's the same kind of Fanta we get in Scotland too, so much tastier and less radioactive looking than the American stuff.