Monday, July 12, 2010

twas probably very crowded

This picture is of the main street in Sol, the center of Madrid. I bet it was hoppin' last night!! We love Spain (hello captain obvious, i know...), but we really do. And even though the game wasn't as pretty as we were hoping (foul after foul after foul), they won! And it sort of makes us wish we would have planned our trip for July instead of May. Until you factor in the heat, the insane amount of people, and the price increases... then we are glad we went in May.

And I wish Torres or David Villa would have scored, however a win is a win. Did anyone else see Puyol greet the Queen of Spain in his towel during the pre-game show? Haha.. that was awesome. I love Puyol.

And soccer players are the best looking of any sports out there, so I'm sad to see the World Cup go. However, now I can at least stop talking and blogging about it. And who knows if blogs will still be around in 4 years when it comes around again? Maybe we'll just live in a super cyber real time world that is even better than words on an internet page.

Probably not, but maybe? Apple will come up with something, I'm sure.

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  1. Hooray for Spain!! I was cheering them on yesterday-boy what a long match-but we were so excited they won!

    Next up: Baby time...induction here we come! Wish me luck!