Thursday, July 1, 2010

this morning

Matt was in a really weird mood. His voices and body language reached a whole new level of bizzarro.

Guido didn't bark to go to the bathroom until 6:45. He always does it at 6... so it was a nice break from the 6 am normal wake up call.

I ran sprints at the gym and was very sweaty. But not so much as when I used to do Bikram yoga. Now that was the definition of sweaty.

The radio played some really great songs on the way to work. Including Avril Lavigne (who is only included in the "great song" category because of the memories it holds)... who I once wanted to be and learned to play "complicated" on my guitar when I was 15/16. "Why'd you go and make things so complicated..." Good thing I stuck with a day job instead.

Our sprinklers came on around 1 am (on accident) and caused water to half way fill up the 5 foot deep hole where we've been fixing our sprinkler pipes the last few days. Good thing our neighbor gave us a bucket last night. And also good thing that the fixes that were done last night held up to some surprising water pressure.

I saw this picture of Matt and me {from Spain} and the colors were Red, White, and Blue.

Then I remembered the text I got from my oldest brother a few months back, where he said his oldest son, Landon, who is 3 years old was yelling "Liberty! Liberty!" while his dad sat on him to try to brush his teeth. Such a smart cookie, that nephew of mine.
I was wishing that there could be more world cup games. I liked the every day excitement much more than waiting days in between games. Go Spain! And Argentina!

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