Friday, July 9, 2010


I saw this fabric at Hobby Lobby and I immediately needed it in my house. After consulting with my SIL (and design guru) Megan, we decided curtains were too much. Too busy. So I made a pillow last night to go on my new(ish) dark brown leather couch. I have another 1/2 yard, but haven't decided what shape to make a 2nd pillow. Remember last year when the house looked like this? It doesn't really look too much like that any more. Unfortunately, it doesn't look finished either. This decorating a house is taking much too long for my taste. And the iphone photo of the fabric makes it look much brighter than it does in person. But I do so love the swirls.


  1. Those swirls are sassy! a whole curtain might look too busy but it would a really nice border/trim/hem on curtains. I love it.

    What about a table runner? Or sofa arm covers (I made that up but I think you can imagine what I mean.)

    Me likey!

  2. I think that's great fabric. I love it-I bet it looks really good in person. And I totally understand how you feel in the decorating department, at least you have more skills than I do--I'm horrible at it!

  3. love it! :) make the next one a heart