Thursday, July 8, 2010

sunset in toledo

Many people that visit Toledo, Spain choose to do a day trip. Leave Madrid in the morning, walk all over Toledo and the shops in one day, and then take the train back to Madrid that same evening. Matt and I decided for a more relaxed vacation, and we stayed 2 nights/2 days here to really explore every nook and cranny of those teeny tiny winding streets. We sat on the wall of a very old Monastery and watched the sun set over this ancient city. Quite the memorable experience if I do say so myself.


However, can we discuss a hairier subject of this post? Literally. Look at that last picture again, and I know it's of Matt's silhouette... but did you notice his leg hairs? Go on - make the picture big in your browser and take a good.long.look at how furry those skinny legs really are. It's become sort of a Thorup joke how much hair he has on his legs, especially when water runs off of them in a hot tub and it's like a waterfall on rocks {because he sort of has strong (read: thick) ankles as well.} I just love how adequately this photo shows off the massive amount of hair.

He trimmed 2 days after we got back from Spain after seeing this picture :)

So funny.

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  1. I'm surprised how well paced your Spain posts are. When I went home I spewed and spurted out my posts out of sheer excitement. Maybe I should have paced myself...

    I think Mister's leg hair help create that lovely glow and maybe we should learn something from him. I'm growing my body hair out so I can have a heavenly halo silhouette. Thank you.