Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I'd like this guy to take me out for a nice steak dinner and later invite me over to see his throw pillows. Oh yeah.

But seriously, money. mula. dinero. bling. I'm talking about the cold, hard cash, people. Money has been occupying our minds as we make plans for the future, because all of a sudden we're having a hard time saving for "the future" without a specific goal in mind. I mean yes, there is school, and babies, and disasters, but nothing that feels tangible yet. When we were in Ecuador & Peru 2 years ago, we both realized that having to pinch pennies while backpacking or vacationing was not the way to do it, because it's just added stress and headaches. So when we set the Spain goal, we wanted to make sure we not only could afford to go, but we could also go with stizzyle. We aren't extravagant people, but we knew we'd like to stay in 3 star hostels instead of 1 star... or buy some fancy suits for Matthew and an absolutely stunning statue of Christ made from lladrĂ³...and never feel like we couldn't do something we wanted too because of money restrictions. We knew all of this would require planning and saving on our part. {hence having this goal for 3 years before we actually went.}

So, we saved. Little by little, and with some help from a tax benefit for buying our house last year, we did it. We saved what we thought was enough money to go to Spain for 16 days, and also cover any bills or disasters while we were gone. But you know what? Had the European market not had a "debt crisis" 2 weeks before we left, we probably wouldn't have reached our goal to stay within a budget.

Our estimated goal budget was to be around $6000 for the whole trip, including flights. And by the grace of the Euro/dollar exchange rate, planning to visit before the true "touristy" season started up, and making many economical decision about hostels & purchases, our grand total for the trip came to $6010.43.


Now this is not meant to be boastful, just informative. That is how much it cost for 2 wanna be hippies to visit Spain for 16 days, and to do anything and everything they wanted to do, and didn't have to think "can we afford this?" or "will we be in debt when we go home?" And if anyone out there wanted to know how much it cost us to do this trip - there it is.

And oh my word, it was worth it.

So now the Spain money has all been spent, and the real problem lies with jumping back on the saving bandwagon. Money can be so very tricky. But I believe in saving. My parents taught me that much. So save we will, even if it's just pesos each month.

Because there is always the next adventure that is going to need funding.


  1. Next time you might want to save up a little more, say $10.43 more. Geez! Kidding! That's brilliant.

    We've just been talking about saving up for a grand trip too. This time next year I'll be done with school and beginning to take over the graphic design world. Mr A has a year after me and we'd like to go out with a bang. I'm not entirely sure where we'll go - maybe if my mum and dad come over for Mr's graduation we can treat my mum and dad to a little American adventure? I don't know but you've given me hope. Thank you kindly.

  2. Just watch Suze Orman and you'll have the motivation to save. We watch it every week and frantically start going through our finances, making sure we're doing ok. She says you're supposed to have at least 8 months worth of savings for emergencies. Then there's always retirement.