Saturday, July 3, 2010

matt is really excited

for the 4th of July. Although this year he doesn't have a mustache. {photos from last July.}

And the World Cup?!?

Drama drama drama.

It is so amazing.

Brazil losing?! I have to say I was excited, because I love underdogs in games. However, I was sad for the own goal that was scored.

My heart was sad when Ghana lost. BUT... missing a penalty at the very end of over time? Never a good idea.

My heart was completely broken when Argentina lost.

And then last but not least... SPAIN! Oh boy, my throat hurts from cheering and gasping and yelling. What a freakin' game.

And I'm playing around with blogger template/html today. We'll see what the end results will be.

Happy 4th!


  1. my heart was broken, too! I LOVE MESSI! i'm cheering for uruguay now. i love diego forlan a little more than messi. i think it's the headband. my husband has always been a huge netherlands fan, so we might be sleeping in different rooms tonight :) haha

  2. I have a friend/foster brother in Salou, Spain and he was telling me how MAD it's been there - and also because there's loads of Dutch folk there too. I love it! I wish I was there! Scotland is rubbish at all sports. We never get to have this kind of fun.