Monday, June 28, 2010

the wilderness

One time at church 2 years ago, when Matt was looking particularly like a dirty hippie {see photo evidence from Rac's wedding... 3rd picture from the bottom. yum} this woman - (who was basically like a copy cat of Professor Trelawny -think HP)- came up to us and said "Have you visited the wilderness lately?" She was completely serious about this question, and Matt and I both responded with some vague answers of yes while trying to stifle giggles. What a great question to ask someone! I'm pretty sure she thought he was a visitor or maybe just felt connected to him since they were both particularly hippie that day, either way that phrase has stuck with us ever since. And it will be framed on our wall very shortly as well.

Anyway, that story actually had nothing to do with what I was going to post about, but once I wrote the world wilderness, I couldn't stop thinking about that lady. Bless her heart.

I did visit the wilderness last week though. For 3 full days while at Girl's camp. No cell phone service or running water. Tents and fire and marshmallows, air mattresses and sleeping bags, and plenty of pranks. Water guns and fake bugs and snipe hunting. Blue fingernails, matching sweat shirts, and roll calls. Giggly girls and hilarious women. Games and songs and crafts galore. No showers and plenty of hats and bandannas and bug spray. Starlit hikes and watching the sun rise. Feeling the spirit of God and testifying of it's truthfulness. Learning to live like you believe, and being reminded of your Divine Nature. Bonding and inside jokes, with skits and interpretive puff ball dancing. Hiking and laughing and just being.

I love Girl's Camp. And I love the Young Women's program. And I feel especially lucky to be a part of it :)


  1. I love the picture and I'm so jealous! I wish I could visit "the wilderness" right now...but don't quite dare in my current position. Sounds like Girls Camp was a success!

  2. wow, what a handsome husband you have when he has long hair! why doesn't always have long hair and live like a hippie? because that would be a good idea, and he would be very sexy....