Tuesday, June 8, 2010

something new and hot

Matt picked up 2 new suits in Spain. Slim, European cut, and sexy. Mmmmm mmm mmm. This is the brown/blue one, and he has a navy/white pin stripe one as well.

And I'd just like to give a shout out to that husband of mine. He puts the happy in my ness. {Yes, I was listening to Ben Harper last night as I painted the bathroom...} Matt never misses an opportunity to make me smile, and went above and beyond while in Spain. The last 6 months of our life and marriage have been rougher than normal. Heavy, if you will. It eventually happens to everyone in life, married or single, and it feels like one of those times when you're fighting an uphill battle over everything and you've run out of breath and not sure if you'll make it to the top. These times are so necessary in order to build up stronger relationships, and to rely and trust in a loving God more than we did before. (We know this now, but perhaps didn't a few months ago.) And oh boy does it make you humble and grateful and more loving and trusting and did I mention grateful?

And then we went to Spain and it was like a breath of fresh air. Romance was blooming, kindness was always present, and all of a sudden life seemed so much lighter. And we're doing everything we can to make sure that happiness that we captured in Spain stays with us wherever we are.

Even if that means Matt dances to Michael Jackson in his socks in the middle of a restaurant in Toledo, Spain, just to make me laugh. Which he did... and it's one of the best memories of the trip. Especially how bright red his face turned when he realized the waiter had been watching! I must remember to take video of his dance moves, because he's really very good.

And it probably means we're going to love on Guido more. He seems to always be a bubble of love and happiness. And look at that squish face!

And to wrap this post up, I really like Matt's new suits. It makes Sunday mornings so much hotter :)

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