Sunday, June 20, 2010

parque retiro

A perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon in Madrid. And Matt was the best rower man. When I tried, we crashed into another boat. Whoopsie.

(side note... i love my fisheye camera attachment that i got for christmas. i think most of my favorite pictures are taken with it. plus, it doubles as a wide angle lens, since i don't have one of those 'uns. )

(2nd side note... happy father's day to David and Ken!! we love our papas oh so much. especially because it's my dad's birthday today as well! happy b-day daddio! and because David bandaged me up today when i got a killer cut on my leg from some broken glass. thanks dr david! and shout out to Matt who is guido's handsome father :) well, not biologically... that dog's name was TJ. so i guess i'm also grateful for puppy dog TJ. and really all fathers. yes, that's it. happy father's day to all.)

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