Friday, June 11, 2010

futbol madness

To celebrate the start of the World Cup today (any iphone users out there- the espn fifa 2010 app is incredible! gives you all the info you need with the touch of a button), I thought I'd show a few photos from a visit to the FC Barcelona stadium. We took a tour of their stadium, Camp Nou, the week before FC Barcelona won the 09/10 League Championship! We watched the winning game while in Segovia just a few days later, but were really grateful we weren't actually in Barcelona- because lots of fights and what not broke out on La Rambla. (Plus, there was no way for us to even think about getting tickets.) The tour of the stadium was super incredible. We saw the locker rooms, stood on the field, climbed to the box seats, and walked through a history of the FC Barcelona team (where I totally got teary eyed, because I turn into a wet pile of tears whenever I'm around good sports stories.) We also stood very close to some Championship trophies - even a Fifa World Cup one :)
The stadium is huge, and the largest in Europe (if my facts are correct.) Europe really knows how to make soccer so much cooler. Holler for the world cup!

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