Friday, May 28, 2010

spain, madrid temple

We headed straight for the Madrid Temple hostal when we landed in Spain. Matt didn't miss a beat with his knowledge of the metro & area. It was amazing to see him on his A game. We also experienced noche de hogar with barrio 6, temple session in Spanish (amazing!), catching up with old friends, church, and lots of Spanish. People were overwhelmingly kind to me for speaking Spanish, and gave Matt a lot of guff for not speaking as perfectly as he once did (haha! sorry bubba.)
this face is so sweet... it was his pure joy at remembering where to go in Madrid, and right when we were turning the corner to see this...
leaving our hostal on Sunday morning to take the Metro to church.Matt with Elder Galan (they served together 5 years ago!)

Robert & Matt.
it was a brilliant way to start off the vacation :)

{and just fyi - the Temple, Chapel, MTC, and Hostal are all in the same square area. And we are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Matt served in this one area for 9 months, the longest time spent in any area of his mission.}

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