Friday, May 28, 2010

some reading material

In case anyone needs something to do over memorial day... perhaps read a story about Guido?

So so cute. Robert (my brother's wife's little brother) wrote this, and he named the story "Win guido is comming ovre." He's 6, and he loves our dog probably as much as Matt does. Which is a whole lotta love in dog-lovin' terms.

We missed bubba G fiercely while we were gone, and maybe I even bought this shirt.. and wore it home through the Madrid, Atlanta & SLC airports. Without shame :) How in the world did I become such a person as this?

We knew Guido was in the most capable and loving hands though. Thanks a million Mark and Cass. We owe you big time... especially for when he got sick and may or may not have made it outside to relieve himself! whoopsie.

Hurrah for cute pups and cute little boys that write stories.
Thanks Robert!

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