Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Sometimes you'll find Matt and I wearing similar clothing.

I believe the longer we're together, the more we start looking and acting alike.
It's pretty weird, yet also pretty awesome.

It's decision making time in our neck of the woods these next few weeks. And hopefully the conclusions we arrive at will affect our future for the better. Decisions that will require sacrifice, patience, and hard work, as well as a large dedication of time.

So glad we have each other to walk side by side in unknown territories of life. And the adventures we will have! This is life. I just hope we are prayerful and in tune with the Lord for what is best for us... just being thankful for the journey.

And just to clarify, this isn't about babies. Indirectly maybe, since babies often occupy our mind when we think of our future. It's more about school and goals and dreams and work and things of this nature. Heart topics, yes indeed.


  1. Carla, if you and Matt and Jake and I all hung out, we would be like double twins. Red head guys, toe head girls, and scooters. Oh my gosh, we are dorks. Haha!

  2. um... Ah-mazing!

    it'll happen one day. mark my words :) and maybe we'll all be wearing a white v-neck shirt or something, just to throw the moon off it's orbit.

    let's get this wet weather to go away and we'll have a scoot party.