Friday, April 16, 2010


Megan {my SIL} received this cute little kitty for her birthday last week from her husband Brady. {Well done Brady!} It is THE smallest kitten I have ever seen. The pictures don't do his size justice. Fits easily in your palm and likes to sleep right under Megan's neck... kind of like a caterpillar.

And we love him. And one day, we hope Guido and Charlie can be friends... and then maybe Guido can learn to say "Charlie bit me... that really hurt, Charlie" and then guess who will be the newest youtube super sensations on the block? Tha's right.

Welcome to the family little buddy!

{don't get my reference to youtube? have you been hiding under a rock? haha. click here.}


  1. I LOVE his blue eyes! What a cute little guy

  2. What a cutie :)Love his coloring, and his eyes.

  3. oh my gosh. cutest little kitty ever! oh i want one! too bad lincoln is allergic.

    plus, that's the funniest youtube ever. i love it.