Thursday, March 18, 2010

living up to it's name

the DMV.

oh hells bells.

what a cliché to say "you hate the DMV."

usually clichés are correct.

very correct.

that place breeds frustration.


and in case anyone else didn't know yet - they've changed their rules.

not just 2 forms of i.d. are needed, but you must have your birth certificate and your social security card and your driver's license to do anything there.


taking a deep breath and trying again tomorrow.


  1. good to know! i'm going to have to change my name in a few months...

  2. Oh yeah I just had to go there in January. I made sure to call so I didn't forget any of the needed paperwork, and it still took forever! good luck!

  3. it's like saying you hate to go to the dentist. but. both deserve to be hated. and they suck.