Thursday, March 11, 2010

am feeling a bit nostalgic

for warm weather. these people. this trip. Zion. free time. the ponderosa. matt's long hair. all of it.
am glad to see this picture today :)


  1. ugh. just today i came across a picture on my mom's computer of long hair-and-bearded landon and i actually almost cried.

    i feel ya.

  2. have you hiked havasupi? you must. must, must, must.

  3. we tried last August, but other stuff came up and we couldn't go. however, it's still on our list! and we must make it there :)

    long live long hair and beards.

  4. Carla, I came across all our Zion pictures just 2 days ago and I feel your sentiments exactly. I have reserved PTO specifically for Zion. So let's tentatively plan it. I miss you. Can we play?

  5. Heather! YES! Zion, Mexico... we have some trips to take girlfriend :)

    Tuesday? yes please.