Wednesday, March 24, 2010

about having a dog

We've had Guido for over 2 months now, but it sorta feels like he's always been here. We celebrated with some special treats and a trip to the dog park last Saturday because he graduated from his puppy class (see below picture.) And he did it in style by winning the "stay" competition amongst the pups. I knew we had a winner on our hands

I never thought owning a dog would be so similar to what I imagine having a kid feels like. And I'm not meaning to compare getting a puppy to having a baby, except that I totally am. For the first month Guido was in our home, Matt and I hardly talked of anything else. He would fall asleep in our arms and we'd pass him one to another as we carried him to bed. Were we feeding him enough? Was he happy? Did he poop? Was it big/solid/green/healthy? We celebrated when he would learn something new, were proud little parents when the vet said we were doing a great job, and we called each other excitedly when he pooped after a long time coming. {I also can't help but call him baby G sometimes thanks to SIL Meg.}

I'm pretty sure new parents discuss basically these same things - I've been around enough newborns in the past year to catch that. Matt even made the comment that he really feels more confident in one day having a baby because of this puppy.

It sort of felt like we were cheating on our future children. Super bizarre.

However, it seems the older he gets the more he feels like a dog and less like a baby. Which is a good thing. He is doing superb in his training {sit, stay, down, leave it, focus, come, shake, off, wait}, and is currently scoring a 96% on potty training. Pretty good for a 5 & a 1/2 month old.

As this is my first experience with a dog, I'm happy to report that it's been exceptionally positive. I definitely under estimated the amount of work it takes to have a puppy. Matt did too. And there are some down sides of course... The guilt for not getting home quickly enough, the monetary expenses, feeling like you're not giving him enough attention, that he is getting big much too fast, and the fact that he is needy all.of.the.time.

Thankfully, he really is flippin' cute so I can get over all that other stuff. Like when we play hide and go seek and he runs to find you like he's the happiest he's ever been. Or when he plays with other dogs (especially big ones) and your heart melts a little because it's so adorable. Or when he curls up on your lap and licks your hand until he falls fast asleep. So sweet

And yes, I realize that having a child is much more work. But since I don't have that experience yet, bear with me on this post about this dog baby and please don't get yer panties in a twist. I would hate to be the cause of an uncomfortable wedgy.

All this to say, we're glad Guido is in our family. Even if he is a punk diddy pup sometimes, we love him.


  1. I'm glad everything is going so well! And I think it's totally ok to compare getting a puppy to a baby. Yes they are different...but you go through a lot of similar experiences in either situation, and it's all a learning process (and there is nothing wrong with that!) Who knows--Maybe Guido will help you be better parents someday?

  2. gag me... bwahahhah just kidding. get a baby already!

  3. Don't worry Carla, I have often felt that raising kids was a lot like training a pack of wild dogs. (cute ones though...kind of like Guido :)