Friday, February 19, 2010

dig it

thoughts for this week of February.

Shawn effing White. 'nuff said.

SUPER stoked for Torah Bright. We used our best Aussie accents the entire evening in her honor.

Evan Lysacek is handsome. We call him the Fire Bird around our house. {which happens to be the title of the yoga routine I did this morning as well.}

Puppy tears are the saddest thing ever.

Matt is in love with speed skating.

We are not getting enough sleep, and therefore the days seem painfully long. Especially when work is extra busy.

I love working with the young women in my neighborhood. I've never received so many compliments on my house until they stepped in it.

Sometimes we find ourselves rooting for Canada. Just because.

The wilderness is beckoning us. I want to sleep in a tent with guido at our feet.

Disneyland in less than 2 weeks. Vacation is also beckoning.

I can't understand downhill skiing. How do they go so flippin' fast? And I can't watch crashes... makes me cringe with an overload of anxiety.

My cute nephew was born one week ago today. He's tiny, and I love him. Pictures forthcoming.

Lately, Matt and I have been coming up with better ways to incorporate naughty words into sentences. I'd maybe write some of the best ones here, however I don't want my blog to be tagged with naughty words. We try not to do this in public, but it always produces giggles.

Puppy classes are really fun. And I'm learning more than the pup I think.

I wonder how I'd fare (fair?) in women's hockey.

We love the olympics. And basically can't think to post about anything else right now.

Thank you for reading. It's Friday? canigeta Hallelujah?!


  1. Two weeks until Disneyland!? Does that mean two weeks until I get to meet you? *fingers crossed*

  2. Um...what days are you gonna be in Cali? We are going to be there Feb 28th-March 5th. Crazy :D

  3. we'll be there March 3rd thru the 5th for the 2010 Thorup vacation! a 12 passenger van included! :) maybe we'll see you guys at D-land!?

  4. and i meant 7th. 3rd thru the 7th.

  5. i can't watch the crashes either. it makes me have so much anxiety.

    the other night one of the girls crashed on the luge. luge? i don't know how to spell that word...
    anyway, lincoln was half asleep and i woke him up just to tell him about the girl that crashed even though she was okay.

  6. Disneyland = Awesome.

    My hubby and I have year passes, they are so worth it.

  7. olympics olympics olympics olympics..