Tuesday, January 5, 2010

what this year will be all about

love. it seems so simple sometimes... oh i love that purse. oh i love that shirt. oh i love jemaine clement. but really, i think allowing love to fully encompass your life is a very difficult thing to accomplish. loving the life you have, not the life you wish you had. loving the situation you are currently in, good or bad. loving life enough to change it for the better. loving the people and things around you, even when it isn't easy or fun. loving the earth and appreciating her goodness. loving enough to forgive anything. loving so much that it speaks through your eyes. loving those most important to you better. loving yourself from your head to your toes. loving your God. loving.

so that's my word for the year 2010. my goal of the year. my hope for this year. to open my heart and let love frequencies go in and out like it's nobody's business. or everybody's business.

one love. one heart. give thanks and praise to the Lord and we'll feel all right.

{picture brought to you by my new lensbaby from my bro in law, DJ. i'm still figuring it out. but i sure do like making hearts out of lights. see more cool pictures on his flickr.}


  1. way to be. i loved this. ;)

    and i love that you included jamaine. hahaha.

  2. That's so cool, I don't know anything about photography but this blog had a good tip that you might like or already know.

  3. That link didn't work!
    just go to that site and it's the December 20th post. :)