Monday, January 18, 2010

turning 25, part 2

After part uno of Matt's birthday, we grabbed lunch & did some shopping in Park City, and then we headed home for a little gathering with friends and family {that matt sort of knew about.} However, I had led him to believe that we could only stay home until about 9 pm because we had a "departure" to get UP too. There were balloons... cupcakes... sugar cookies shaped like dogs with talking collars! Amazing. They were made by our wonderful friends Josh and Heather- who are basically expert sugar cookie makers. And the cookies were not only super delicious, but flippin' cute!

next up... the best part!

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  1. I get to throw Stuart his birthday party for the first time in our almost 6 year marriage this year because every summer we've been at his parents. I am SO excited! You might need to help me. You're a pro at this!