Sunday, January 17, 2010

turning 25, part 1

I literally have been planning Matt's 25th birthday for like 6 months. I was more excited for this than for Christmas. Therefore, there will be more than one post to explain how the whole day went down.

Let's start with the morning.

He awoke to a new shirt and suspenders, and then was given this Fujifilm Instax camera... which was sort of a group present, since I really wanted one as well!
Then he headed to work for a 1/2 day. Him being at work was very important because I could only do this next part if he was at work. The whole Birthday was planned around the movie UP... which meant lots and lots of balloons. And you won't really get some of the details unless you've seen the movie. Matt works on the 2nd story in his office building, and I sneakily made a sign with a picture of a house on it, attached it to some balloons, and then floated it up to the 2nd story window. I looked absolutely silly walking around the field by his work and trying to get the balloons to float to the correct set of windows, but it was completely worth it when all of his co-workers noticed the balloons and came to the window. I just smiled and waved from below! It was AWESOME.

{this picture is right before it popped up to the window, and one of his co-workers yelled "Look! Balloons!" then all their faces showed up at the window. like i said... awesome.}
I was even wearing a boyscout uniform. I figured if I was going to commit to the UP theme, I had to really commit. So Matt received Mr. Flenderson glasses and I wore a boyscout uniform ala Russell. And my very favorite part was when Matty received his very own Adventure Book! I hand crafted it myself using a sketch book, a drill, and some twine to bind the book together. I filled it with little notes to Matt, plus some fun pictures from our 8+ years together. And I sort of really love it.
He loved it, and it made me positively giddy to see him so excited!

Next up, the party.


  1. You are such a goof! I love it - and I'm already very jealous of Matt's 25th birthday and this is just the first post.

    Why couldn't you be MY wife!? wait! what?!!...

  2. wow. wow. wow. you really are the best wife ever.

    seriously. ever.