Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i like this photo

it was during the christmas season.
it was after church.
the same day we made that christmas video.
we had house guests (cass and mark! come see us again!)
matt looks dapper in his pink tie.
you can see the semi-creepy paper-mâché carolers that matt inherited from his mother/grandmother. he didn't want them -but i totally did.
i love my shoes & it was a pretty good hair day.
we're standing where we now have a dog kennel.
those are my lemon and lime trees behind us,
and i'm hoping to get fruit this year!
that is our soon to be working mailbox, after
we add our house number and install it...
{only 7 months in the making!}


  1. so cute shoes!!! may i ask where you got them??

  2. if you can believe it... payless - for $18!

  3. this reminded me of something i once read: "we don't take pictures of things we want to forget."

    i guess you could argue that either way - but i love the memories that this photo brings back to you. so cute.