Monday, January 11, 2010

feeling a bit famous

but not really. but sort of.

Matt's oldest brother DJ works for Bibble Labs. He doesn't just work for them though, he is the shiz over there. The developer. The trouble shooter. The man. Bibble Pro 5.0 is a photo editing software system that is simply amazing. They have been working super duper extra long hours for the release of Bibble Pro 5.0 - and it's now out and ready to use! Well, Apple {as in Mac... that Apple} has a section of downloads on their website - and one of those downloads is Bibble Pro 5.0. And guess what picture they used to display on their Bibble Pro 5.0 Download page?

Me. Carla Thorup. My picture is on HOWEVER, and that is one BIG GIANT HUGE HOWEVER, I look like an absolute crazy person. Do I have black football player marks under my eyes? Why yes, I do. Is that a mustache you see? Why yes, it is. Am I apparently growling and attacking the camera? I believe so.

Apparently the fame has gone to my head, and I no longer care that I look crazy. Because I am so proud to be on that page, I'll just go ahead and show the whole wide world my crazy.

DJ took these pictures at Zion National Park last spring. It was during a really excellent hike to Cable Mountain, and the same one that I posted pictures from back in April 09. See more crazy here at DJ's flickr feed. Thanks for making me famous, Hermano! And for the abandonment of my pride! Ha!


  1. you ARE famous! how awesome :)

  2. hahahaha that is HILAR!!! i would be so proud to be on too. it's like the best ever!

  3. Mustached or not, it's a rawther awesome picture. Congrats on your new-found fame!