Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the blur years

I was speaking to an elderly woman {like in her 70s} last week, and she fondly remembered the early years with her husband & children as "the blur years." She said that no matter how much she wanted time to slow down, it always seemed to speed up. Isn't this always the case?

She then went on to tell me "to try to nurture your relationships as best you can, because at times you're going to be so very very tired that all you can manage is to fall into your bed and sleep. So in the times when your mind, body, and spirit are not completely and utterly exhausted, make sure to make love with your husband, give kisses and snuggles to your (future) children, and call that friend you've been meaning too. Breathe in the moments of bliss. Time is going to go by so quickly, you'll hardly be able to keep up."

She is so right. And she told me to make love! Ha... what a naughty little 70 year old! I only hope that in my own blur years, I'm make mountains of great memories to dig through when I finally get a second to catch up.


Also, a quick letter I needed to relay.

Dear Megs and Brady "the bad ass,"

I miss you. Please see more pictures & another short movie of my hilarious quirks on this Flickr feed. Dinner this week? I'll come up to Bountiful and get lost in your mounds of snow. And maybe cuddle during an entire movie? Ruff you.

kisses forever,
the gweed machine

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  1. what great advice! i love what she said. it reminds us there are things more important than the everday stresses. thanks for posting this. :)