Thursday, December 31, 2009

we're going to disneyland...

With the whole fam damily thanks to Matt's parents, David and Carole!

And we'll all have matching hats with our names on them too.

Now if we can only decide on when to go... it's tricky to coordinate 10 adults' schedules.

and happy new year! i'm super ready for 2010. i'm, like, so over 2009. booya :)


  1. ohhh goodness! i couldn't be more jealous. i looove disneyland! have so much fun on your trip! & ride space mountain twenty times for me.

  2. That's awesome, we're going in March.

  3. so freaking exciting that you get to go to the magical kingdom. love the hats. im gonna get me one when we get season passes there. love the new lens by the way. what a good gift!