Wednesday, December 16, 2009

a short story about home made tortillas

My mother, DaNell, was always known as THE homemaker growing up. She could sew, she was brilliant at making something out of nothing, and best of all she could cook. She also has a mean sounding voice and is very intimidating... but that's just how she is and we love her for it. There was always extra food for anyone that was over, and no one was ever sent home because it was dinner time. Most things on our plate were from scratch and almost always delicious. She had a knack for recipes, and for fudging the recipes to make them better.

Her signature dish was home-made tacos. Now, tacos in general is not a complicated dish, but her execution is what made all the difference. The beans were "home grown" in a sense that they came out of a canning jar rather than a can, and literally had to be smashed before they were spreadable. The ingredients were always fresh and we never used ground beef because the beans were delicious enough on their own {and beef was pricey... she was always on a budget.} And the key to the tacos being a succes - home made taco shells.

Enter last Monday night. We had an upcoming Christmas Party Tuesday with my best friends, and I decided we'd have home-made tacos my mom's style. All of my bffs have been around since we were 12 years old, so they've experienced the goodness of DaNell's tacos many times. I had big shoes to fill, and I was confident. Luckily I did a trial run Monday night, because I completely failed. They were nothing like my mom's. The dough was not right, I didn't have a rolling pin, they were too thick and hardly manageable, and then I over cooked them. After a pep talk from Matt, a phone call to mom, and a brand new wooden rolling pin, I jumped back on the horse and tried again.

Hallelujah! I can channel the power of DaNell after all! The shells turned out perfect, and Matt and I made 4 successful batches last night, which equals about 35-40 tortillas. Everyone came and ate and it was just really great. We only had 4 shells left over!

And we all lived happily ever after in taco happiness.

{you can kind of see the shells on the left of this picture. we were so busy eating... i didn't take any pictures of the finished product! and then the camera died and so we only had the phone camera...alas}

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