Wednesday, December 2, 2009

numbered thoughts

1. I love Christmas lights on our house. It reminds me of a real life ginger bread house. And besides 1 house across the street, we are the only ones with full blown lights. How sad for our street.
2. We are attending our first Christmas party of the year tonight. I am stoked for them to begin.

3. We went to an Eagle Scout Court of Honor on Sunday, and despite it being a bit long, it was really cool. Mostly because we sat 3 feet away from an adult female bald eagle. I've never felt so patriotic. And so seared to the core because of her penetrating eyes. {Congrats Adam!}

4. I was so excited for the Biggest Loser finale last night... only it wasn't last night. It's next week. Bummer. Go Danny!

5. Sometimes life gives you heavy boots. Literally and figuratively.

6. Driving around the holidays makes me feel the opposite of warm and fuzzy. Cold and slick? hmmm...

7. I got my hair did yesterday. Here is the picture I text to Matt after I was finished. It is definitely an improvement from my latest plain mop top.

8. I am excited for my sister Melina to have a baby. And I think the post about her cat is funny.

9. The Chocolate Enrobed Macadamia Caramel Clusters from Costco are suuuuper delicious. They are not, however, a substitute for dinner.

10. My favorite iPhone app is called LDS Radio. You can listen to all of the Church material with a touch of a button, including the voices from Conference. It made me miss President Hinckley last night as we listened to a talk from 2004.

11. I would like to go on a road trip with Matty very soon. Possibly to the redwood forests in Cali? Somewhere we can camp and drive and lose service from our phones.

12. He looks positively ridiculous here.13. My little brother and his new wife gave me a set of mixing bowls because they got 20 thousand as wedding presents. I really love them in all their green, red, and orange glory.

14. "That is no way to talk to your grandmother." I love Gloria in Modern Family and would be like her if I were really latina.

and that's all.


  1. This whole post made me so happy! Seriously, I almost teared up. I love happy lists and goals and CHRISTMAS! Great post, lovie!

  2. That snowman hat is hilarious (snowballz?!)! And I'm glad I am not the only one loving Modern Family.

  3. A very pretty hair do, I must say!