Thursday, December 10, 2009

after we kissed under the mistletoe

the tree got jealous and burst into lovely little hearts for our attention.
well played, tree. you deserve our kisses more than the mistletoe. hands down.

{inspired by color me katie}


  1. k, she said she did this with paper??? how in the world? will you reveal the secret?

  2. well.. it took a few tries with paper, and even then I am going to try again later to see if it'll work better.

    here is her link - - but my heart was much smaller than hers. my aperture was pretty high, and this is like 2 pictures out of the 25 i took. practice really helped. you can do it! you know way more about photography and cameras than i do! good luck :)

  3. Prettiness! I love it!

    On another, not so pretty note, I saw this sad news and thought of you.