Thursday, November 5, 2009

the p dub diddy dub

I've talked about how much I like the Pioneer Woman before on this blog. So when she was coming to SLC to sign her new cook book {which Matty gave me for my bday,} I knew I wanted to go. Did I know it would take 5 hours to see her? Did I know I would get totally star struck and stare at her with a goofy grin and say "hiiii" really slowly while waving? Did I know that I would get embarrassing nervous leaky tears because of that star struck-ness? Nope nope nope nope. BUT... it was awesome. And she is everything you'd think a lovely little woman from Oklahoma would be. Funny, sweet, very pretty, and super super nice for staying for hours meeting her fans. I think every picture I took last night you can see all of my teeth because of my huge grin. Like, all. Glad my friend Melissa came with, as well as Matt playing paparazzi for us.
I'm pretty sure she thought I was BFF material when I stood next to her pointing and saying "this is the pdub! RIGHT here!" How embarrassing. Anyway, I love her. And it was great.

Also, Dooce {Heather B Armstrong} was there. It was like the internet coming to life right before your eyes. I watched her do a ninja/fairy jump off the curb as she sneakily went around the back of the store to cut in line. Very nimble, that one.


  1. I saw that you were going to see her on twitter! I'm SO jealous! I love that woman and all her food. And that picture of you two is adorable.

    Jealous. Jealous. JEALOUS!

  2. Ahh Carla. Total worth it--I'm glad I decided to go last minute, even if it meant we had to wait Forever to see PW!

  3. Oh man... this made me giggle so much. you are high-larious.

  4. What a crack up. Great photos too! I'm thinkin' she MUST have found you BFF material, you are too funny!