Sunday, November 15, 2009

maybe this was my favorite part

maybe we let them use the black mamba as their get-a-way vehicle.
maybe i taped my own veil onto her helmet.
maybe it looked soooo flippin' cute i almost died.
maybe they loved it.
maybe i loved it more.

it's hard to tell...

either way, the weekend was great. they are married & cute & happy.
and i am still beyond giddy that someone got to use this scooter idea while leaving their wedding. and since it couldn't be us, i'm glad it was these two kiddies. and maybe i'll post more about their wedding day because it was a hoot. my grandpa wore a USA leather jacket, a cute girl was stabbed in the leg by a high heel, and i had a laughing attack in the car... so many good memories. oh, and that they got hitched, because that was pretty good too :)

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