Sunday, November 22, 2009

matt used his MAN and cut down a tree

all in an effort to make room for a new and improved back yard ... including garden, a little more grass, and fire pit. the tree was awkwardly placed in the middle, and now with it gone, it opens up so much more room back there. with the help of David and a really powerful chainsaw, it took no time at all.
progress. progress. progress. all in the name of progress. and look at our trimmed pear tree! so much better :)
so this is what our yard looks like now.

well, not right now. right now it's covered in freshly fallen white, fluffy snow because it's been coming down for a few hours. good thing we put our christmas lights up yesterday! {not to be turned on until after thanksgiving, do not worry}

it's really fun to have a first home together.

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