Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a funny scene

This was Halloween afternoon. Brady, Matt's brother who is over 6 feet tall, is about to get on the back of the scooter and hold onto Matt while they take a ride. Megan, my sister in law and Brady's wife, is casually standing in the middle of the road in our dragon costume watching. Matt is kick-starting the scooter while I am taking pictures of this ridiculous scene. I have more pictures to share from this day later on when I get more time, because Brady's face is priceless. And I'm going to frame it in our house because it was such a great moment for all of us.
*Also... Macfisto was great. I want to post about it and tell everyone how very very thankful we are for all of the people (upwards 300 or so) that showed up! And to tell you how great the band was! And to tell you how the movie was superb and Ryan is probably still sleeping off his work! However, I'm experiencing some fall allergies and we're pretty much still exhausted from the stress from behind the scenes stuff... so it'll come. Just not today. But it was quite the evening!

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