Tuesday, October 20, 2009

two and two thirds

Matt and I got not one, but two nephews in the last 2 weeks.

Meet Kai. He technically is my step-nephew {since he belongs to my dad's wife's son & daughter-in-law... but that's too complicated to tell all the time. so he's my nephew, since in the eternal spectrum of things we're family.} He sort of looks like he'll be a boxer or a ufc fighter b/c he always has his hands by his face. So itty bitty.And then just 4 days after Kai came, Patrick joined our family. He belongs to my 2nd oldest brother and is so tiny and cute. You could just eat him.

And the "two thirds" part is because my sister, Melina, is 6 months pregnant, so in just 3 more months we'll have another nephew! And I had to get a picture of Patrick's legs because look at those knee wrinkles!! But also look at his booties! Hand-made by that pregnant sister of mine because she is oober talented and just plain great.

This makes the running total 3 {almost 4} nephews and 2 nieces. I love family, and I'm so glad we keep growing in numbers. It's the best.


  1. Bah, lucky!
    There are very few babies around here, since I'm the first in my extended family to get married in a while... so I'm the one responsible for the whole baby thing, and we're not quite there yet. Thus, we don't get to hang around such adorable little guys.

    I like the boots, those seriously rock =)

  2. Yay for nephews! Clearly you've been an aunt longer than I have, but it's pretty dang fabulous!