Friday, October 2, 2009

twenny fo

Tomorrow is my bday :) I'll be 24. I took a picture of me in my bathroom this morning to celebrate the cusp of a new year. How distinguished of me.

Matt and I will get to spend the whole day together since it's a Saturdee. I'll be feasting on home made goodies all day and eating chocolate waffle ice cream sandwiches for breakfast. I'll wear new clothes and feel really pretty. I'll get to see my besties and hopefully see the movie Whip It, because yes, I am very excited about it. And I'll spend the day watching General Conference, and listening to the words of our beloved Prophet. I think that is a darn good way to start off a new year of my life.
Oh, and there might just be a present or two involved.. Matt informed me ... to keep it real.


  1. there might only be one present... maybe....

  2. Happy day of birth tomorrow!!! I know how you feel with having a birthday on conference sometimes... mine's in a few days!!! Yay!!! Have a wonderful day. I hope all your birthday wishes come true!

  3. happy happy happy birthday tomorrow. there's just something special about an october girl. :)