Friday, October 16, 2009


I heard the band Pomplamoose the first time 2 weeks ago on the lovely boho girl's blog. I listened to Mrs. Robinson like 6 times that day because I couldn't get over Nataly Dawn's voice. It's soooo beautiful. And unique. And soothing. And rad. And and and... her voice her voice her voice! And then you add in the eclectic videos that she and her band-mate [Jack Conte] make, and it's better than any music video I've seen in a long long time. She even makes me like Beyonce's song all the single ladies ... like seriously like it. {even though i swear everyone in the world loves that song, even if they're in the closet still. sometimes matt sings it when i'm in a bad move... dance moves and all. bless him.} Talent just oozes from these guys. I hope they go on tour, because I think I'd really like to see them live. Plus, pomplamoose means "grapefruit" in French. I purchased their CD from itunes last week and their original stuff is great too, especially Twice as Nice. Or when Nataly sings in French. Very lovely.

Go and listen. Or go here for more covers.

super glad it's friday afternoon. this weekend looks promising. and very autumn filled, let's all hope.


  1. oh myyy thankyou for posting this! they are possibly my new favorite.

  2. aww love them! So glad to share music! I have been listening to them in my car for days on days now.... and only if they came in concert!!!