Friday, October 30, 2009

Macfisto Tonight!

It's finally here... what we've been working on since March. The reason Matt had a mustache for 6 months. The reason Ryan Sacks has not been getting any sleep... the movie is tonight. I hope to see many of you there tonight because it's going to be awesome. Cross my heart.

*and fyi - there is a Jazz home game tonight, so the traffic and parking could be a little crazy since the game down town starts at 7, and our event starts at 7:30... so carpool, take trax, or be prepared for a little more congestion than we would have liked. it'll be worth it!


  1. Have a blast! I hope the screening goes super well and that everyone has a great time. I can't wait to watch it some day!

    Lots of love to you both. :-D
    <3 Mags

  2. I was very impressed with the whole production. Thanks for letting us know. What a great job you guys all did. Tons of fun!

  3. wish we could've come. hope all went well!