Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ow ow

the weather is chilly this week, and it just reminds me of how little time we have before the snow starts falling. hopefully autumn doesn't get skipped over too quickly by mother nature ... i hate those years when that happens. our friend j reynolds took this picture while we were climbing* ferguson canyon last weekend. my bubba might be skinny, but boy howdy he is strong! super hot if you ask me.

*and matt doesn't normally climb with his shirt off. actually, he started this particular climb with his shirt on, and then with some cat calls and yelling, we got him to take it off in the middle of the route. so glad we did :) and kudos to j for the picture.


  1. I didn't know Matt was a never-nude. Those cut-offs are quite striking.

  2. if only they were shorter... but he's a modest never nude.

  3. Carla... that fine piece is all yours. Wouldn't mind waking up to that everyday. Thanks for the food tips by the way!

  4. that title just cracks me up...might have to use it sometime. I do have lots of pictures of shirtless boys.

  5. You guys climb too?!

    You guys like Ferguson canyon too?!

    Oh my gosh, we have got to hang out!