Sunday, September 20, 2009

new window panels

We made it through an Ikea project successfully with no fighting or cursing, which I consider a success. I also consider the new panels on our sliding glass door a success because they are very pretty. We hung them high (like close to the ceiling) to make more of a statement, but we always have the option of lowering them if we decide later that we don't like them that high. Now all we need is a kitchen curtain, and we'll officially be able to walk around nudey without any fear of peeping neighbors. Not that we haven't been doing it already... but now we know that no one is getting a free peep show :)

They run on a 3 track system so we can move them from side to side, but they are transparent enough to let the light in easily. We're really diggin' them.

{Here is the room before the curtains just to compare.}

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