Thursday, September 17, 2009

i just wish there weren't any bugs involved

We have a pear tree in our back yard and we picked 4 very full boxes the other night. Anyone want some? They'll be ripe in about a week's time, and although I have found 7 recipes to try {from Real Simple - megan, i have yours from the thorup's}, and I'm planning on learning how to bottle some of them, we still have extra to share. Matt did most of the picking and I did the catching/hauling. I just wish there were less bugs in the outdoors. Especially spiders. Ugh. Matt said they were just garden spiders hanging around on our tree, since they were so small and gray, but I'm pretty sure if it has 8 legs and crawls on my arms, it's STILL SICK. I worry that when we start our own garden next year I'll pansy out when I see a slug or spider or something. Must work on that.

Speaking of a garden next year, here is our back yard right now. Well, this was taken last spring before the house was officially ours.
It has a few more weeds and less grass now because of the harsh summer sun, but this is at least the lay-out. The Pear tree is in the corner, and we'll be trimming that soon because it's touching power lines and is just too overgrown. The pine tree is sad because it doesn't have a tip anymore. It can't grow any taller because there are power lines in the way, so although it's getting wider - it is not getting taller. Poor tree. We are actually going to remove it sometime this fall to make way for my raised garden against the fence next year. Oh, and the patio looking space will be turned into a fire pit area. Here is a rough sketch of what it could look like next year...
The garden area will not be that small... it will be wider and longer. And the fire pit will probably be bigger, and we haven't decided if we're building a "deck" area around the pit or putting grass... but it's an idea of what it hopefully will turn into after some sweaty labor. Oh, and do you like the dog in the picture? Matt seems to think any backyard without a dog is a mistake and a waste of space. We'll just see if a dog enters the picture by next spring as a permanent fixture in our yard. He might still be living in his dream world.
(ps... Matt got his hair cut. it's so short now!)
(pps... my lovely blog friend kelly gave me a shout out. bless her little heart!)


  1. EEE! Adorable garden idea. Also that dog is ADORABLE. I think that the moment Steve and I move into a house, we'll get a dog. Like, first thing. We have our cat, McLovin', but we really want a dog one day too.

    I would totally love some pears, but being in CA, I imagine that's just not going to happen! Oh well. Maybe if we ever get out there to visit and meet in person.


  2. love the new backyard :)
    we had to do a lot to ours after we moved in, too. We're working on one of those slat roof terrace things over the little patio. (i forget what they're called...)