Sunday, August 23, 2009

wa wa wa weekend

We had such a fab weekend. I'm talking about one of those really kick-A ones you experience a couple times a year. And it seems like you just had hours to accomplish things. We visited the temple and ate at Five Guys. We ran the Park City 1/2 Marathon and it was amazing!! It went so much better than last time. Like, a million times better for me. More details to come later on. And then we hung out with our hermano DJ because he was visiting from Austin, TX, as well as with the rest of the Thorup sibling clan which included shopping, help cleaning our house, picking on Josh, talks of Texas cuisine, and inappropriate jokes out of Megan's mouth. Then Matt and I spent hours today hanging out with each other, finishing some house projects, moving our newly painted dressers in the house, finding some time for spirituality, a delicious lunch with Cheezits, and a planning meeting with friends. Today felt hours longer than it actually was, and we even had time for a nap! We haven't had such a successful weekend in ages, and boy am I thankful because it really preps us for school starting this week and our busy schedule becoming busier.

(picture of matt was taken by our friend josh, and it was a few weeks ago when we ran the Pioneer Day 10K. i think he looks handsome.)


  1. That's totally weird because I felt like today was such a LONG day.

  2. I am glad to hear your race went better - I want to hear more details!

  3. Please don't shave the mustache Matt. It's becoming a part of you...