Friday, August 14, 2009

little miss Bea

Last night I met the most adorable girl. Her name is Bea and she is from Spain. She has the most beautiful Spanish accent and is darling through and through. Bea {pronounced like the spanish word bella} was the most helpful member in Spain while Matt was serving his mission for our church. She also served a mission to Barcelona shortly after Matt left Spain. Now she has come to the US to practice her English {which I have to say, she's already very good} and live in Indiana for a semester. I am so glad she had time to come to our house for dinner, because it's like real characters from Matt's letters (from 3-5 years ago) coming to life in front of me. And I love that.

Matt and Bea rambled on in Spanish for a few minutes while I was busying myself with my niece and trying to get some dinner ready, all the while trying to eaves-drop to see if I'd be able to keep up with their conversation. I am still very shy when it comes to speaking Spanish. Turns out I answered a question for Bea after she asked Matt in Spanish, then quietly she said, "Matt, does your wife speak Spanish!?" Things went swimmingly after that, and we spoke Spanish all night, even if they did most of the talking and I just let my ears take it all in.

I have never felt so involved with Matt's mission and Spain as I did last night. And when we visit Spain next year {if all goes accordingly} I cannot wait to see Matt in his element. Meeting more characters from his letters, speaking Spanish with the people he loved, and trying myself a donor kabob. Oh, and her accent is so pure and beautiful. I really do sound like a mexicana! Bea even said so herself :)

Oh Spain, you can't come soon enough.

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