Monday, August 10, 2009

it was so hot, i am now more appreciative of utah summers.

Remember when we went to Arizona and saw that cute puppy? Well I have a few other pictures to document the trip... and can I just remind everyone that July is not the best month to visit Arizona. It was SO HOT. Like, you walk out side and you feel like your skin is going to melt kind of hot. Luckily, our whole trip was planned by what food we would eat, and when we would be at the pool. That is the only way to cope with 110+ degree weather in my opinion.

However, if you are going to plan a trip to AZ in July, go with these two: Ashlee {my bff and life partner} & Justen {her husband who we also like}, because then you are guaranteed a spectacular time. We had some stormy weather 2 of the nights {don't be fooled... the temperature did not go down, it just got more humid and sticky} but we did see a rad Arizona lightening storm. I unfortunately do not capture good shots of lightening, therefore only have this blown out picture.
We did stop by the Mesa Temple to visit my Grandparents. I don't see them enough since they are in a different state, but I thoroughly enjoyed our brief lunch date together before they headed back down to Tucson.
And then this is what we did the rest of the time. pool. food. water volley ball. reading. smoothies. more pool. and more food.We did find time to visit Sprinkles to try some cupcakes. They were good... but I don't know that we'd call them our favorites.

An absolutely fabulous trip. And Matt and I came back with a few more freckles (but wore so much sunscreen and stayed in the shade most of the time so there was no possible way for us to get burned), while Justen and Ash came back browner than ever. Those tan little turds. Please invite us again. It was too fun. And the VP joke will only get funnier :)

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  1. Amen! i always assume that is why we are asked to have a three month supply of food storage. That way in AZ we can just hibernate until the sun blazes don't threaten to melt our faces off.

    I am so down with your blog, you had me at your banner graphics. See what a little left comment can do!? Open up the world to a bedridden loser who needs interesting people to stalk. Thanks for saying hi!

    p.s. I am coveting your 100 oz mug. Another AZ life saver...people make fun of my 52. oz one, I can't wait until i get my hands on one of those!