Wednesday, August 19, 2009

goals for this week.

*managed to finish:
-planning meeting for zions.
-hanging shower curtain and new shower head.
-measuring square feet in bedrooms.
-1st stage of grocery shopping.
-cleaning the bathroom.
-applying protective finish on bathroom mirror frame.
-1st stage of laundry.

*left on the list for this week:
-film the Manor Massacre film so Matt can shave the mustache.
-buy one more rug for the bathroom.
-use the coupon at Albertson's for the 2nd stage of grocery shopping.
-pick up race packet.
-run 1/2 marathon.
-figure out the home improvement list & budget.
-finish sanding and painting the dresser & night stands.
-2nd stage of laundry.
-visit the temple.
-make at least one home-made dinner.
-start planning Bear Lake weekend.
-get new pillow shams.
-print those pictures out.
-update the blog.
-learn to manage time better.
-stay sane.

anyone else feel like they are trying to fit an elephant in a shopping cart this week?


  1. yes, i don't know when life becamse always so busy.

    but this reminded me about MY albertson's coupon, so thanks!

  2. oh, & tennie's with skirts really are the best.

  3. Staying sane is the hardest part, isn't it?

    By the by, I LOVE doing Laundry and ironing. It's strange, I know. I'd gladly do your laundry if I lived near you!

    Is that a weird thing to say?

  4. wow. i was really impressed by all that you had gotten done and then i read what there's left to do. it made me tired. haha! :)