Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a favorite picture & a professor

this was taken in Vail, Colorado when we went to that amazing concert. i still get giddy inside when i think about that show. {sigh... jemaine...}

but that, however, is not why i posted this picture of my handsome husband. Matt is signed up to start school in 2 weeks for some animation classes, but he was told he had to take some pre-requisite design classes before they'd let him into the 3D Animation classes. but Matt being the rebel that he is, decided to leave a message for the Professor of the 3D class to see if he'd let him in without attending the other classes.

The professor called him back and they had a little discussion about knowing Illustrator and Photoshop, and when Matt replied "oh, i know those programs very well actually since i've been working as a graphic designer for a few years now" the professor responded with "Oh yes, I know. I "googled" you and found your stuff online."

The Professor of the college class googled Matt! Isn't that hilarious!?

He found Matt's advanced photoshop membership as well as his website.

And it paid off, because he let him into the class. Huzzah! One step closer to Matt's animator dreams. I love that man and how he sits on a dragon. Or is it a sea horse?


  1. it truly is a great pic. i clicked on the link of advance professional photoshop membership thing, and i just wanted to let you know that the word "climbing" is spelled wrong on the page. accident, i'm sure, but i thought matt might want to know so he can fix it.

  2. awesome, congrats!! I checked out his website too, it's pretty awesome, I left a few comments

  3. how exciting. I have a friend that wanted to be an animator, and he is. He helped to "horton hears a who"...he was one of the big wigs. Dreams really do come true

  4. Yay! good job Matt! I'm excited to hear that.
    Way to be a bit pushy and move ahead a bit faster- it never hurts to ask.

    BTW, I was in Veil last week on a Colorado road trip climbing, hiking, biking vacation. Beautiful little town.

    I'll post some pictures soon.
    And...If you ever get a chance, go to Ouray, Colorado. Awesomest little town ever with some sweet rock climbing that isn't listed in any of the climbing books.