Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the 2nd time around

The Park City 1/2 Marathon was super great. Josh (brother-in-law), me, Matt, Rac (bff), & Heather (bff) all ran the race early Saturday morning. Heather is the most experienced runner, and this was Josh's and Rac's first time, and everyone did superb!
We have hundreds more pictures from the race day because DJ was in town, and he is like the superman of taking pictures. And thanks for the family that came up or called to support all of us! It's always more fun when you have people cheering you on from the sidelines.

The PC race course was actually a turn-around course, so at about mile 7.2 we turned around, and ran the same course back to the finish/start line. It also was inclined (up hill) the first 7 miles, so the incline plus some elevation made it a bit more difficult, and slowed down most of our times a bit. The turn around course meant we all got to see each other once on the course though, which I loved!

Matt and I ate Five Guys burgers the night before the run, and I am giving them some of the credit because we felt great all day! Burgers and fries are not that terrible. Especially because they move right through your system, and so by the starting line at 6:45am, they were basically all out of us! That morning we had a little bit of a rough start because our alarm clock didn't go off, and we woke up to the doorbell when Josh and Rac arrived, and we were supposed to be ready to go! I used some of my adrenaline just getting dressed... but we made it on time, thankfully. Matt ran an excellent race, but right about mile 11 he hit a wall and it hurt to finish those last 2. This probably had something to do with our very relaxed training schedule. When we ran the SLC half in April, we were very diligent and strict on our training program. This time around we were much more relaxed. We did not run as much, or as long, but had more fun during training because we felt less like task masters, and more like runners that did this for fun. He finished at 1:58, with Josh only a few minutes behind him at 2:01. Shout out to Josh for his excellent first time race finish! Matty was 9 minutes behind his last time, but that probably had to do with the hills involved on the course. Heather came in at 2:09 looking wonderful and hardly fatigued, and then I came in next at 2:27. Not my best time, but can I just tell you that my time didn't even matter because I felt like a million bucks! I only stopped to drink water/zipfizz, never because I was tired. I did use the restroom at mile 4, but I chose to do that for my body - it wasn't making me. I finished strong and didn't even feel sore or tired after the race. It was amazing compared to last time! And then Rac came in at 2:49 with a smile on her face to finish our group off! I think this race was so so fun, and we are considering doing it again next year because now that we know the uphill part is pretty long, we can train a bit differently for it. Also, it was great having so many people we knew running with us!

So there we have it. The race went great. Everyone ran well. Matt and I still love Five Guys, but want to continue to run, so we will not make it an every week habit. The next stage in running is a full marathon... which Matt will probably run next year, but I'm not committed yet because 26.2 miles is incredibly long. We'll see. Holler for runners :)


  1. Congrats on the second half, very impressive! If you consider a full, props to you. I think that sounds miserable!

  2. Way to go! You can totally do a full if you can do a half, and it can be even that much more rewarding!